Magneto 500 Plus – get rid of chronic pains

Magneto 500 Plus

Everyone heard about „alternative medicine”. But what exactly is that? Is it really wise to trust those practices and advices? There are as many answears as there are people with chronic illnesses. It is best to trust products that are clinically tested and backed by hundreds of positive reviews. And when it comes to lessening the pain and getting rid of „chronic pains”, Magneto 500 Plus magnetic inserts are such a product.

Why is it worth to trust the technology based in acupressure and magnetic field? This article will answer that and many other questions. Chinese medicine has been a leader in applying alternative medicine for many years. This causes the spectre of scientist interested in this topic to be very wide across the whole world. Magneto 500 Plus is the effect of many years’ worth of work and research. Despite it originating in the US, the idea and functioning basis comes from across the Atlantic Ocean. Keep reading to find out what stands behind symbiotic mix of the ancient art of acupressure and innovative biomagnetic resonance technology. It may lessen the pain in over 30 places all over your body!

Why was „acupressure” included?

It was invented by ancient asian tribes. Its history reaches as far as 3000 years before Christ. Acupressure is considered one of the pioneer fields of medical progression. Up until halfway into Middle Ages it was only accepted and used in military bases. According to legends, the origin of acupressure was a soldier that got shot with two intersecting arrows. The pressure of those arrows on his injured leg supposedly eased hs rheumatic pains, so despite his wounds he started to feel better.

As the legend was told through generations we can only suppose only a shard of truth remained. Throughout the years, rising medicine in China described over 40 trigger points on the sole. They were supposedly corelated with:

  • spine pressure
  • Achilles’ tendon pressure
  • rheumatic pains in knees and ankles
  • right position of hips
  • getting rid of toxins from the organism
  • regulating movement comfort and accumulation of positive energy

Acupressure is still vastly linked with ancient China. Modern scientist are using it’s practises to this day in developing formulas like Magneto 500 Plus inserts.

The thought behind using magnetic field

Ever since Earth came to be, it has been working like a huge magnet. With time humans began to walk on two legs and became heavier and heavier. As tribes moved from place to place, they began wrapping their legs in linen, leaves, and finally – shoes. Due to this, despite it being only a few centimeters, the process of pulling and stabilizing was disturbed. It may seem like a paradox, but the prehistoric man had a much better sense of balance and less feet deformations than the “current” humans do.

That’s how modern diseases, like hallux, spinal degeneration, neck pains, obesity, chronic back pains and “puffy feet” syndrome began. Feet are the root of all problems.

To counter these changes, orthopedic scientist recommend walking on the bare ground for at least 2 h a day. However, the climate doesn’t always make it possible. The solution is using Magneto 500 Plus shoe inserts.

What makes Magneto 500 Plus inserts such a phenomenon? Construction scheme

The most successful products are the universal ones. A modern client doesn;t have the time to read hundreds of pages to learn how to use their newest purchase. Magneto 500 Plus inserts are an exaple of such a universal solution. The self-adjusting inserts are both allergically neutral and made purely from natural, ecological substracts.

Remember(!): The “Plus” system of Magneto 500 was enriched with additional coating. Starting from the end of 2018 it will be a stabilizing layer. Thanks to this, you will subconsciously keep the right posture and vertical natural for walking.

Below is the 4-layer build of inserts:

  1. First layer: spherical polycarbonate chains (2018 version technology) – the acupressure layer. Reconstructed from acupressure instructions of ancient China. Special bumps and deformations are made to fit the user’s foot perfectly. This upmost layer is responsible for applying suitable pressure to soles. Thanks to this layer the inserts work the same whether you lift your foot or put it down. Spheric polycarbonate material is very durable, so deeper layers are well protected. Magneto 500 Plus is 100% sure to work for over 6 years from the production date thanks to this layer.
  2. Second layer: magnetic/magnetizing layer – creates an imitation of natural magnetic field. In response to this stimulus, the body naturally corrects its posture. The pain is already noticeably weaker after the first use. Magnetic fields created by Magneto 500 Plus are absolutely safe. They do not lessen your mood or walking comfort.
  3. 3. Third layer: stabilizing layer – made from ecological, elastic material. Stabilizes the vertical and makes walking more comfortable. This layer was included for people who experience strong and frequent pains in their knees, hips and neck areas.
  4. Fourth layer: anti-slip layer – helps your feet to stay in the same place throughout the day and eliminates deformations caused by long-term degradation. Ensures optimal foot lay and pressing on acupressure points. Keeps the same angle of feet in relations to the ground.

All of those layers are fully biodegradable. Magneto 500 Plus is a product with the worldly „Green Certificate”. Magnetic field imitation is not derimental to human health and the materials used in production of these inserts are environmentally friendly.

The name „Magneto 500 Plus massager” is also used. It’s not an incorrect name for this product but it is advised to keep in mind that its main advantage is usage of pressure points and magnetic fields.

Innovative studies confirm the inserts’ effects

High-quality, excellent product is one that was scientifically tested and proven effective before hitting the shelves, and its quality is confirmed by the customers. Following this train of thought, Magneto 500 Plus inserts are being tested by scientists from across the ocean on over 1000 North American volunteers.

This group includes people with diagnosed pain problems. Main cases include:

  • – Rheumatic pains in knees or ankles
  • – diagnosed faulty posture (i.e. advanced lordosis)
  • – flat feet
  • – feet deformations
  • – chronic back pains
  • – sciatica
  • – chronic low Energy not caused by physical labour
  • – strong muscle pains
  • – joint pains

Course of studies and the end results…

The participants were thoroughly checked before the first usage of Magneto 500 Plus. Places that caused pains were investigated and assigned numbers on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 was a lack of pain and 10 was pain that was unbearable. 7 was assigned as pain that doesn’t react to painkillers.

From that point onwards the whole group started using Magneto 500 Plus magnetic inserts for at least 2,5 h a day. The test duration was 4 weeks. Using the inserts for a set time was the only participation requirement. The scientist didn’t want to investigate any other factors that could have influence over the ailments. After the 4 weeks have passed every participant was checked again. What was the result of final pain surveys?

As it turns out, people who used Magneto 500 Plus in accordance to guidelines pointed to noticable growth in day-to-day comfort. The average pain went from 7,6 points to a mere 2,3. The results are evident as over 76% of test participants reported the pain disappearing completely or becoming barely noticable. Over 3 in 4 surveyed people pointed to improved daily comfort and, as a result, a surge of positive energy.

Magneto 500 Plus – expected results vs actual results

The main pioneer of Magneto 500 Plus magnetic inserts was Chai Harasawa. Amazed by XXI-century advancements, he wanted to fuse them with his passion for ancient Chinese art of acupuncture. His aim was to better the life of an average citizen. The direction he chose was making a premium product without a lot of investor’s effort

Success! Over 3 in 4 people using Magneto 500 Plus report lessening of the pain that was burdening them for many years. Not only that, but among other visible effects were: better posture, disappearence of rheumatic pains, more energy, better physical condition, eagerness to partake in physical activities.

As confirmed by the earlier research, plans resulted in very satisfying effects. The reflection of his initial aims was quickly validated by countless recommendations from big orthopedic and neurologic institutions. The most valuable point proving his success, however, is the amount of positive feedback from customers all over the world.

Is Magneto 500 Plus’ work really a breakthrough? Opinions

„For many years the atmosphere in our house was very tense. We’re working phyically, my husband and I. I’m standing behind the counter for 8 hours a day and my husband is a security guard. Standing up for so many years I developed halluxes and lordosis while my husband started to have problems with sciatia. But ever since we bought Magneto 500 Plus inserts for Christmas the pain was going away day by day. Today I don’t need to apply hot paraffin to him and spend hundreds on expensive massages for myself.”

Said Agnieszka H. 33 years old. That’s just one of many stories that fill our forum everyday. The world of sports also decided to trust the magnetic inserts.

„For a runner I was very prone to contusions. Ever since I was 18 I could not have a season without a major injury. I think the worst one was periostisis. The pain was present for every meter of race. I tried many magnetic and laser treatments. Unfortunately it was only a temporary solution. Magneto 500 Plus is completely different. I wear them to every practise and season’s start. Not only are they very durable, but the pain disappeared and is not coming back anymore, not on track or out of it.”

States an extreaordinary Polish runner, Jakub D.

To sum it up… The sooner the better!

Combining the variety of ancient Chinese medicine secrets and modern magnetic technology, Magneto 500 Plus is a product deserving unconditional trust. The correlation between those two factors is so great that your everyday pains can be reduced to nothing! Magneto 500 Plus magnetic inserts are a perfect alternative to invasive procedures. Thanks to them you will stop the progression of muscular insufficiency, disturbance of joints stabilization and activise your weakened muscles. Magneto 500 Plus is a perfect solution for everyone who struggles with strong, constant pains.

FAQ – Magneto 500 Plus

What are the types of inserts? Are there separate models for men and women?
The inserts are completely universal. Used technology allows them to match with the wearer’s sole automatically. Bear in mind that it might take up to 2 h for the product to adjust fully to your foot. Pay especially close attention to that if you have numerous callouses and foot deformations or intense rheumatic pains.

Where is the best place to buy original Magneto 500 Plus inserts?
The original Magneto 500 Plus inserts can be bought through the links on our website. It’s the guaranteed way to order our product with a discount of free shipping.

For how long can I use the Magneto 500 Plus inserts?
Magnetic inserts should be worn until all the pain is gone. There are no precise requirements concerning prolonged usage of Magneto 500 Plus. It’s an individual matter. The non-invasive durability of materials used in the product allows for at least 6 years of safe use from the production date.

Is it possible for this product to cause allergic reactions?
No. Materials used in the production process are fully hypoallergic. They do not cause any typical signs of an allergic reaction. There were no side effects noted during the testing of Magneto 500 Plus.

Can I use Magneto 500 Plus inserts if I got diagnosed with knee degeneration?
Yes. The magnetic inserts are suitable for everone who suffers from strong and constant pains. The product does not cause any negative changes when used, even in cases of severe injuries or degenerations.

Do I need a special footwear to use the inserts?
No. You do not need any special shoes to use the magnetic inserts. However, you should avoid shoes with metal elements (i.e. combat boots). Elegant shoes with sharp shoetips are also not advised. It’s best to wear Magneto 500 Plus with sports shoes with semi-flexible sole.

40 thoughts on “Magneto 500 Plus – get rid of chronic pains

  1. when my doctor said I would never run again I was devastated 🙁 I was running since I was a child and I attended marathons, including the big one in New York last year – which was my biggest dream come true 🙂 I couldn’t let this stupid contusion take all that away frome me, so I started searching for some alternative solutions to my problem and I stumbled upon Magneto 500 Plus. I tried and I regret nothing, because I could not give up on my greatest passion that is running 🙂 Now I’m getting ready for another marathon, my contusion already long forgotten 😉 I recommend it to every runner and running amateur that has similar problems 🙂 it really works!

  2. My colleagues laughed at me when I started to wear biomagnetic inserts. They kept asking how can I be so naive and believe in such weird stuff and that it detoxes the organism, etc. I ignored them, although I gotta say their comments hurt me at first and I felt bad… After 30 days of wearing the inserts I lost a few kilo and wore a new dress to work, and my colleagues were speechless. They still didn’t want to believe, they accused me of using some new diet or even an operation. But I know it was just thanks to Magneto 500 Plus inserts that I managed to achieve my goal weight. I feel lighter, healthier, but most of all I’m happy! Let them say whatever they want, it’s their loss they don’t believe me, while I look and feel great!

  3. Works great for me, all you have to do is put them in your shoes – the works does itself! Genius 🙂 And I spend so much time going to the doctors, if I had them back then I’d already be healthy a long time ago 😀 But now it’s good and it’ll be even better, because I’ve only been using them for a week and I can already see the results. My test results are better, the best I had in months actually and they were quite hard for me… That’s how a medical massage should look like! I’m wearing those inserts everywhere and I can’t wait to finish the curation and do a check up. I can already picture my doctors face, last time he was really surprised at how quickly I got better 🙂 A little more time and I’ll be completely healthy thanks to Mangeto 500 Plus and no one will take that away from me. I’m sure to order them again later because now I’m convinced it’s the best possible purchase 🙂 I recommend it! It’s worth to order and try it out, they care for your health and you only have one life after all 🙂

  4. Magneto 500 Plus is a new way to battle pain for me, it works on menstrual pains and headaches, so I recommend it 😉

  5. Biomagnetic inserts healed my spine pains!!! I hav been working in the hall of fruit and vegetable processing company for 30 years. It’s a hard work, you have to bow and lift many things and standing by the conveyor belt for many hours in the freezing room doesn’t do good to your body… After years of work my spine was hurting like damn… That’s how my trouble started, then went first sick leaves and painkillers. I thought I’m never gonna get rid of it when my friend mentioned biomagnetic inserts that deal with all the pains to me. If it wasn’t for Zosia I’d probably still be swallowing all those pills, but now even a graveyard shift in the freezing room is no big deal for me. I really recommend it from the bottom of my heart to everyone!

  6. My dearest friend Amelia recommended Magneto 500 Plus for rheumatic pains that are unfortunately very common for people our age. But I didn’t want to close myself in my own 4 walls, I mean seniors still have the right to enjoy life. Magneto 500 Plus inserts showed me from the very first use that pain doesn’t need to be an obstacle and that I can overcome it easily. Now me and Amelia do Nordic Walking every day and we plan on going moutain hiking, with our sticks of course. I know Magneto 500 Plus is safe, since it’s not the pills, and I use it everyday to enjoy my senior life.

  7. oh I stopped howling in pain ever since I stumbled upon biomagnetic inserts Magneto 500 Plus, and until not too long ago I’d never think it can help me at all

  8. I used acupressure in the past so Magneto 500 Plus caught my attention as they somehow use this old treatment. While we walk they work on our organism, detoxing it and getting rid of all the pain! Phenomenal, how biomagnetic inserts can heal a human body in such an easy way without any unnecessary things like meds or procedures. And there are so many illnesses around us, so many problems. All you have to do is wear them for 30 days and there – problem solved, your body is healthy and calm!  Anyone who cares about their health should already have one of these! I can’t imagine using anything else than Magneto 500 Plus! I love this magnetotheraphy power and I will keep on using it. I’d rather do that than sit in a hospital where they care nothing about human health and stuff us with medicaments. People should see that alternative medicine is the FUTURE!!!

  9. that’s the „painkillers” the doctors should prescribe instead of pills or other meds, pharmaeutic companies beware 😀

  10. I went to get a check up recently – my wife told me to and it turned out I nee to you know move more maybe lose some weight, maybe it’s a good moment to buy the Magneto 500 Plus inserts???

  11. I’ve been struggling with pain in my metatarsus for months. I did my feet so well during my last trip to Tatry that I can’t even count how many doctors I visited. Rehab, x-rays and other procedures – it cost me a lot of money. Unfortunately not everything can be reimbursed in our wonderful country and only 3 procedures are not enough to stand back on your feet, so to speak. If it wasn’t for magneto 500+ inserts I don’t know what I would have done. I’d probably spend thousands on private physiotherapeutic visits. And these inserts got rid of the problem in a month! Amazing!

  12. Alternative medicine should rule and not pills in drughouses. Most of them are some chemicals that they tel us to take for health and not when they do bad i prefer other options and not colorful tablets

  13. I’ll probably order some for my husband maybe hell stop complaining and inally do something useful, no one ever achieved anything with compplainin so it’s time to get yoursef together even with something like these inserts

  14. Once I stumbled upon Magneto 500 Plus somewhere on the internet and at first i started to laugh. Cause, like, how would some bio-something inserts help with various injuries? It sounds a bit abstract, doesn’t it? The doctors presribed me some injections and other sh!t because nothing else worked with my problem – and it was hard to diagnose properly. My joints were hurting but they more or less excluded the most common illnesses. Despite many visits and procedures in clinics I was still not diagnosed and the meds only temporarily eased the pain and puffiness. I was losing hope and so did my doctors I visited almost regularily. I bought Magneto 500 Plus with not much hope left – I mean, nothing else worked for those joint pains. But I was pleasantly surprised because they actually worked, the pain was lessening until it disappeared completely. The doctors said it’s a miracle but I know it’s just Magneto 500 Plus 😉

  15. Wendy brought me those and told to wear them, because she said it helped her heal everything. I start tomorrow so we’ll see.

  16. i found magneto 500 plus inserts at last possible moment as I needed something working and available i ordered and waited for a miracle cause what I was taking didnt work at all and my liver had just about enough of all the pills and whatnot so magneto 500 plus turned out to be the best thing for me, now I feel alive and nothing hurts anymore 🙂 i dont know what id do without magneto 500 plus, really, i couldnt stand this pain but now I know painkillers are not the only options and there are others

  17. I ordered these inserts for my wife as she has suffered for many years due to joints inflammation. Well, at first she threw them at me, saying she’d never wear something like this, but once the pain got intense she quickly changed her mind. Now she always has them on, even at home, and says she never felt this good since she fell sick. I guess it was a good gift then, it was worth getting thrown at for her to feel better 😀 Wife is happy ever since she started using them, well I don’t think it could be any better, and I needlessly hesitated before buying them 🙂 I should’ve bought them a long time ago 🙂

  18. Healthy body makes a man smile 😀 That’s my motto ever since I started using Magneto 500 Plus – I forgot what pain is 😀 now I enjoy my life to the fullest 🙂

  19. Nothing hurts me now that I started using Magneto 500 Plus. Im only att the beggining of the curation but the headaches are already less intense. From what I read I still have 3 weeks of wearing them ahead of me but I’m already happy with the effects 🙂

  20. better to start wearing special inserts like those than wait and complain about leg or spine pains later, especially young people should care more about their health i tell you

  21. I never would have thought that biomagnetic inserts would save my child! My little son Peter suffers from skin allergy that shows through rashes and skin irritation. No creams, salves and antibiotics helped, there was no change and my son was still suffering. Only those inserts, little things, but they worked for the sensitivity and skin’s condition was getting better day to day. My wife and I could not believe! But this was not due to diet or any new cosmetics – it was the biomagnetic inserts that helped my little son and now Peter smiles more, doesn’t scratch himself so much anymore and sleeps well at night and that’s what matters most for us!

  22. I had very painful periods ever since I entered high school. The pains were unbearable to the point I had to stay home every month. Nausea, headaches, I was barely alive then and even the pills my doctor prescribed didn’t help. Mom got me those biomagnetic inserts to ease the pain during menstruation. I started using them, since no one at school was able to see them. The pain was gone in an instant and now I don’t have to suffer anymore on „those days”. I don’t need any pills, since the inserts handle it all. I can honestly recommend it for every girl suffering during her period – it’s not worth the pain!

  23. And now my chronic pain is gone! I started wearing Magneto 500+ inserts and it all went away! And to think I was being stupid wasting so much time in doctors office!!!

  24. I was sure I won’t go back to swimming afer what the doctors said, ones I used to trust :(( I tried everything from bandaids to tablets and massages. It helped for a while but then it was coming back – terrible pain, like joint inflammation… My sportsman friend recommended biomagnetic inserts to me, he had the same problem once. If it wasnt for him I would have to give up on swimming but now I don’t have to  and can keep swimming with no joing pains.

  25. I’m looking for something for rheumatic pains because I like working in the garden but my pains are getting so bad I can’t do anything.. I’d try this new method if it’s safe for health.

  26. Honestly? I’m maybe no expert on alternative medicine or whatever, but who would believe that shoe inserts can heal? I get it, but biomagnetic inserts? I mean I’m not getting any younger myself, what can you do, but to order some inserts??? I don’t know, I’m not convinced to this methods o healing but I’ll maybe order, see for my self and try… who knows, maybe it is worth it???

  27. Magneto 500 PLUS became my best go-to solutions for all my pains 🙂 I didn;t expect the magnetic field to work so well! My friend gave them to me as a present since she was using them herself and praised them so much I wanted to try them myself. Then I got them as a gift and put them on right away! Words cannot describe what they did for my health! I regained my energy to live and play, I no longer complain about spine pains and puffy feet. I’m no longer afraid to travel on foot and play with my grandchildren on the playground 🙂 I can recommend Magneto 500 Plus insert for everyone who lost hope in getting rid of the pain and other problems without using pills! Pills are not everything, people, other healing methods exist as well 🙂

  28. I was always using painkillers but I’d never think you can do it differently or „alternatively” so to speak 🙂

  29. those who never had an injury don’t know what real pain is… even the strongest painkillers don’t help then not to mention healing. If those inserts can help then I’m ordering, because I already lost all trust towards meds and doctors…

  30. i can’t take pills, my organism doesn’t handle them too well, so alternative methods is all I have. And I have been having blood circulation issues for years now, so I kept looking for something safe and effective to boot, and that’s not easy. Biomagnetic inserts caught my attention because they’re not invasive and works for many issues. It helped me not only with blood circulation but with muscle and joint pains, too. I think these are an oportunity for people like me that can’t take meds but need something to soothe pain and other issues. Magneto works from the first use and I can corfirm that as i used it. Theres no betrer metod than inserts using the power of magnet

  31. Lack of side effects is what convinced me so I ordered magneto 500 plus and started to use them. Didn really expect any great results cuz you know how it is with those new gimmicks but my curiosity won. I never really was a fan of using pills for everything as if a pill was the only guarantee of health. Thats why I was curious about magneto 500 plus product that I bought. I don’t regret it because those so called biomagnetic inserts freed me of toxins and allergies although I had to take steroids for many years. Now I don;t have to, my symptoms disappeared, my test results are ok., the allergy is gone and I feel much much better. And I didn;t ahve to take any pills or vaccinations to get rid of it. If I found magneto 500 plus earlier i wouldnt have wasted so much time and health…

  32. Biomagnetic inserts helped me lose weight – seriously! I lost 14 kilo and regained my health so I recommend it!

  33. I always thought all those magnetic therapies are a scam… until I tried the biomagnetic inserts. They might look like regular shoe inserts but boy do they work! They are very comfy, they suit almost all shoes and they do you good. They help with blood circulation, detox the organism and lessen the pain, overworking the spine in my case. I used to laugh at those things but now I’m sure they work as I tested them myself. I’d buy them again if I had to, no second thoughts. I’m sure to recommend those inserts for all my needing friends. Let them find out that the magnetic inserts aren’t a scam but an actual way to better your health.

  34. My shins were hurting like damn, I even started attending masages, but it was too expensive in the long run 🙁 biomagnetic inserts are not only more economical but practical and comfortable. You gotta walk anyway and that way you heal them on the go and you health gets better 🙂

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